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Janek Bielski Architect is a full service architectural office, providing design, construction documentation and construction administration services. Mr. Bielski personally meets with the firm’s clients during all the design phases, and oversees the construction process of most projects. The firm maintains long established working relationships with experienced engineering and design consultants located in Los Angeles.
A review of the work will show the range of the firm’s experience and capabilities. The distinguishing design approach to most projects lies within the interaction between ‘the built’ and ‘the natural’ – both in terms of ecological sustainability and aesthetic perception. Additionally, wherever possible, double or multi–functioning spaces are designed to optimize the efficient use of all available space. These notions may determine a project’s concept, shape its particular forms, or prompt material and mechanical selections.
The firm’s residential, institutional and commercial projects have a wide breadth of scale, and include exquisitely detailed cabinetry, interiors, individual buildings, gardens, multi–use building complexes as well as large scale planning proposals. Many of these projects have been built, others are proposals or competitions, and still others explore ideas and concepts which may eventually find their ways to built projects.
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Janek Bielski, Architect
Brief Resume

Mr. Bielski received his Bachelor’s degree in architecture at the University of Southern California, and his graduate degree at the Architectural Association School of Architecture in London, England. Before opening his architectural practice in 1985, he worked in several offices in Milan, London, and Los Angeles (including the office of Eric Owen Moss, FAIA). During his first ten years of practice, Mr. Bielski taught design studios in most local design/ architecture schools in Los Angeles (UCLA, USC, SCI–ARC, Art Center, etc.), as well as Arizona State University.
Mr. Bielski maintains a working relationship with his former partnership, Bielski Ladowicz Architects, where he has designed several school and child care center projects as well as a veterinary clinic. Since 1999, Mr. Bielski has provided design consulting services for Hak Sik Son, FAIA, whose practice includes large scale multi–use projects in Korea and elementary schools in California.

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